photography awards
photography awards

Photography awards and achievements

Amit photo Studio

As most of us already knew but those who didn’t let me tell you the most prestigious and biggest award in the photography field that a photographer can get is the Hasselblad award and if you talk about India the highest award for our country is the UNESCO photo contest. so if you are in the photography business whether you are a solo photographer or a photo studio it’s important nowadays to get or to achieve some known awards and certifications because it will build trust to your customers and clients that you are not an amateur who just bought a camera and start calling himself/herself a professional photographer.

photography awards and achievements

What it takes to be a professional photographer and achieve photography awards and achievements ?

It takes a lot of effort, practice, experience and hard work to be a professional photographer because you have to be very creative, patient and confident. You must be aware of every viewing angle, dimensions and other things while clicking if you need to be a professional, There is a myth in society that purchasing expensive and full-featured cameras this much will make you the best photographer but let me tell you this that it’s a total lie as capturing a perfectly angled, dimensioned and a whole lot of things for a newbie or in the learning phase individual is not possible to have all the skills as they come after so much of practice and correct guidance.

Why is amit photo studio known as the best wedding photography studio in lucknow and what are our achievements ?

This is the question that comes to everyone’s mind before hiring us or any else studio and it is a mandate question that everyone must ask like why should we book you because you don’t want to select a photographer who doesn’t have experience, skills as it may result in loss of your money and it could turn your best day into the worst so always be sure before selecting a professional photographer for any important function. although we were in this photography industry for the past three decades we have been featured by so many known unknown publications, newspapers, magazines and won dozens of photography contests but let me show you some very recent achievements –


These were some of the recent and most auspicious places where my studio had been featured hope it will help you a bit to make your decision, so the overall conclusion is that if you are looking for a professional wedding photographer for your wedding or want to hire a photo studio in Lucknow that offers best price do consider Amit photo Studio because if you are going with us then we make sure that you will hire us for all of your functions just like the 100+ families doing right now, we captured their 3 generations wedding’s we are not bragging about ourselves but just giving an idea that this is the way we work with our customers, the service and quality that we are providing in such rates are almost unmatchable.

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