cinematic video
cinematic video

Cinematography studio & Cinematic videos

What is cinematography or cinematic videos?

As a cinematography studio we know that many of you already saw so many films and videos of weddings or events but to identify which one of them is cinematic video or traditional film gets u jumbled up, Well it is quite overwhelming to identify the exact meaning of cinematography as it has so many of variations or definitions so to sum up or organize a proper definition of cinematic videos I say that any film or video that has been made by Art & craft keeping in mind the different angles, views and other small factors is considered as a cinematic video.

cinematography studio
cinematography studio

Which one is best cinematic videos or traditional videography?

With the latest trends and constantly changing photography market right now without any second thought, I would say the is far better than the traditional one but still without traditional videography wedding or any other event seems to be incomplete that’s why we used to capture or developed both the styles for most of the weddings cinematography gets important mostly in theme weddings or destination weddings but like I said trending style is cinematic so if u are not having a high budget then also u don’t need to worry as we are doing cinematography in a moderate budget too as we are not dealing with any third party we are having own setup i.e no need to charge extra.

What does It require to make a proper cinematic video ?

Although it requires a lot of effort and creativity while making a cinematic video apart from physical and mental efforts it requires a ton of technical skills and equipment also as cinematography is a complete game of art & craft there were 5 major points that to be kept in consideration while making a proper cinematic video-

  1. You must be aware about the camera placement.
  2. One should know how to play with camera movements.
  3. short composition also plays an important role.
  4. Size focus can be a crucial part one must consider the time limit of a video
  5. lighting focus is the most important part you should know how to use lighting.
cinematography studio
cinematography studio

Amit photo Studio is continuously making beautiful cinematic videos for past decade

We are proud to say that we provide the most affordable cinematic videos in the market as we have all the tools and techniques of our own and because of it our cinematic videos rates are the lowest as compared to others, having 30+ years of experience in photography field gives us an unmatched idea of how-to and which tools and what techniques to use to produce a best cinematic video for more information click here.

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