India is a very popular country geographically and politically, being the world’s 7th largest country and largest democracy of the entire world its diversity is reflected throughout. Indians are known for, many things and wedding is one among them. Finding a wedding photographer in Lucknow can be quite overwhelming sometimes as now everyone is claiming to be the best wedding photographer but you have to select one as per their experience, professionalism & budget and gladly there is a photo studio in Lucknow name Amit photo Studio that consists all these traits they are experienced, professional & very economical. 

Most Indian middle-class families spend 60% of their saving on weddings. It is not about showing off their status but about the feelings and happiness that can be depicted in almost every Indian wedding. India as a vast country has own diversity in the cultures, religions, languages etc. so all the weddings are executed as per their own cultures and plans etc. so being a wedding photographer in Lucknow or anywhere in the country is a real big task as you have to be experienced & familiar about different cultures & traditions.

banquet hall
manas banquet hall

Nothing in this world lasts forever and nothing remains the same in our lives there are always ups and downs in everyone’s life. Sometimes life gives us a fury of joy and sometimes bestows us a jolt of grief so it is not possible for a person to remember every moment of life. Wedding is considered the most precious and undetectable part of life. So the remembrance of its moments is of utmost importance. This necessity gave birth to photography.

Photography in Indian weddings is like oxygen for a person a true Indian wedding is incomplete without good photography & that can be clicked perfectly only by an experienced wedding photographer. photography not only captures the moments but emotions too. Indian wedding photography is about capturing the wedding in a detailed way. It captures couples, guests, décor, and food. 

A wedding photographer is always impatient to capture candid moments and to store them for the future. Everything goes in vain if photography is not included because photography is an emotion and it bestows us a gift so that we may feel it anytime afterwards. 

In Indian weddings too many things happen at once e.g., Haldi ceremony, engagement or wedding day, no one takes a rest it seems like the fun has been mixed in the air and everyone is dissolved into it. 

Every place i.e., every state of India differs in a wedding. South Indian people mostly don’t perceive north Indian weddings and north Indians don’t see south Indian weddings so these weddings photographers may act as communicators to transfer information to each other. This will enhance the integrity and unity of our country. 

The photograph will capture the memories and tell a story behind that snap that will be hard to vanish from the head. It will give a ray of glad to your kids, grandchildren and many nears and dears. After so many years of wedding, it will remind you that how happy you were at the time of the wedding. It will compel everyone to ponder about that day. It will flash us a memory of the ones who passed away later.  

Wedding is a personal thing but some weddings in India grab attention internationally for example the wedding of Ambani’s kids, the wedding of Indian celebrities etc. the photographs captured in these weddings are shared throughout the entire world using social media. Other countries are enlightened by the vision of Indian weddings only because of photographs.  

Wedding photographers do not need to be paid much it can be performed by any friend with good photography skills and you have to pay only if you are planning to hire a professional wedding photographer like Amit photo Studio. Once again let me remind you that in this world, everything can be owned or purchased when things are materialistic but emotions can never be purchased and a photograph does not capture things it captures emotions. So if you are looking for a wedding photographer in Lucknow with economical price and premium quality service you should consider Amit photo studio first as their wedding packages are amazing.



1- MUSLIM WEDDING -by top wedding photographer in lucknow 

Muslims have a very unique and flabbergasting way of wedding. It amazes all other religions mostly. It starts with Mehandi Raat and is followed by nikah. Nikaah can be performed either on the same day of the wedding or months before. Nikaah means accepting your partner by saying yes I do (Cabool hai). Muslim brides mostly prefer to wear hijab on that day too as it is of utmost importance. Generally, Muslim’s weddings are held in the afternoon so to capture all functions a wedding photographer has to come in the morning itself.

indian muslim wedding photography
indian muslim wedding photography

2- CHRISTIAN WEDDING –by top wedding photographer in lucknow 


It is the most beautiful and emotional type of wedding where a father (head of the church) will ask them whether they accept their partners and followed by a sensual kiss. Sometimes there are ceremonies like bachelor’s parties and bridal showers. Generally, Christian weddings are held in the daytime so to capture all functions a wedding photographer has to come in the morning itself.

indian christian wedding photography
indian christian wedding photography


3- HINDU WEDDING-by top wedding photographer in lucknow 


It is a very lavish and colourful type of wedding. Indian movies show it often on screens and it’s the most common wedding in India. It has rituals like Haldi, Mehendi, sangeet and then a wedding. In these weddings, the photograph depicts every emotion. Generally, Hindu’s weddings are held at the night but there were so many functions that took 2-3 days to complete so to capture all functions a wedding photographer has to come in the morning itself daily. 

indian hindu wedding photography
indian hindu wedding photography


  1. Pre-wedding photography 

In the name, it explains that this type of photography is done days, weeks, or months before. It gives a chance to couple to spend quality time with each other. It is done especially in some selected locations that are famous or well known, like heritage monuments, beautiful parks, open areas & many more after that to give a finishing touch many editing software were also used to make it look like a cinematic or reel videos. The pre-wedding shoot in Lucknow is quite famous now as mostly every couple are looking to hire a wedding photographer in Lucknow to book for their pre-wedding shoot if you are also looking for a one we will suggest checking prices of Amit photo Studio they are a well known pre-wedding photographer in Lucknow.

pre wedding shoot
pre wedding shoot

   2. Drone/Aerial Photography 

Everything needs improvisation in the world so it came into action the field of photography so drone photography is a type of photography in which an image is captured with a 360-degree angle so that later we can enjoy those moments and live them again it captures a wide boundary, not just a single slide of a picture. Drone or aerial photography in Lucknow is also very trending now in weddings and corporate shoots Amit photo Studio is said to be the best aerial photography studio in Lucknow so get in touch by clicking here if you are looking for an Aerial photographer in Lucknow.

aerial photography
aerial photography

 So, in a nutshell, we may say that a wedding photographer in Lucknow or anywhere in the country is an important way to immortalize your wedding especially for the people of India, who prefers emotions over anything in the world. A wedding photograph consists of a paper that records emotions, grief, happiness, laughter, suspense and thrill like emotions of someone’s wedding. It captures someone’s emotions without knowing them which makes a lot of difference. 

The main difference between a commercial photoshoot and a wedding shoot is that a commercial shoot seeks different poses which some acts and performs either for posters, magazines, film posters, songs etc but in the case of wedding photography it captures emotions, poses all of a sudden and in the style of daily routine which makes it pure and free from all kinds of impurities. A photograph of your wedding will never let you miss your partner when he/she will depart from you infinitely or temporarily. Just like Amit photo Studio always say that- 

“you may get old but your memories never, so to relive your memories it needs to be preserved and captured perfectly & beautifully which we do, We make sure that whenever you see your wedding albums or videos you will feel those emotions & feelings like real.”












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